The Ultimate Prize – The Poker Bracelet

The Championship Bracelet has become synonymous being a sign of success and esteem in the Poker earth. This Was Initially introduced as a prize for the winner of the World Collection of Poker Celebration in 1976 from Benny Binion, of Binion’s Casino in Las Vegas. It is by far the most prestigious and sought after after non-monetary trophy at poker. The poker bracelet would be the greatest poker trophy!

It is theorized that there are two forms of poker people – those that have won a bracelet and people who have not Agen Dominobet.

Actress Jennifer Tilly won the 2005 Women’s WSOP Championship and said that winning the bracelet had been”a lot better than an Oscar.” WSOP State Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack at 2006 stated that the poker bracelet would be actually the equivalent of winning the Stanley Cup in hockey or the Lombardi Trophy in Football.” Or just a golden decoration into an Olympic athlete.

The bracelet has evolved over the years in several techniques. When the prize was first offered at the years from 1976 – 1989 simply a few bracelets were awarded and the look looked like golden figurines stinks. By 1990 – 94 they given 14 necklaces for WSOP unique activities. Last 12 months there has been also a total of 5-7 bracelets given.

By 1980’s-2004 that the bracelets were first manufactured by Mordechai Yerusalmi. Back in 2005, Frederick Goedman developed the diamond clad bracelet using 259 stones, 7.2 carats of diamonds. The necklace now was made by Corum and they also have 4 variants of this bracelet.

What has also changed through the years is the monetary value of the bracelet. The first necklace was claimed to have cost just a couple of hundred bucks. Now with all of the diamonds, gold and gems, the necklace is worth thousands of bucks.

Johnny Chan has all of his original bracelets locked in a vault and believes that the bracelets are worth millions. In 2006 the Planet Poker Tour included that the poker bracelet like the decoration towards the Champion in these WPT tournaments. WPT Founder and President Steve Lipscomb said,”We are honored to keep the heritage that Benny Binion began over 30 years back.”

Even for people who may never get it to your final table at the World Series of Poker Main Event, then there might be other ways you could acquire a bracelet. You are able to puchase the more affordable variant to supply like a prize for your house tournaments or your own poker fundraising events. Whether the bracelet is worth 100 or 100,000, it is surely a sign of excellence from the poker world.

The poker bracelet would be the ultimate prize – that the most coveted, prestigious and most popular non-monetary prize in gambling game. A revealing of the truly amazing poker players of our days – only question Phil Hellmuth!

Source: Wikipedia,”The History of this Poker Bracelet”

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